Sew Loungewear Challenge – Inspiration!

Written by: Chuma Gqoli Hey sewing friends. I was super excited and nervous when Tino asked me to write a feature for her blog. So sewing inspiration… At first it made perfect sense but then I got into writing and suddenly I was stumped.  I quickly realised that for me that’s a very broad and multifaceted and loaded word that is closely tied to my reason, … Continue reading Sew Loungewear Challenge – Inspiration!

Shorts and Cami Loungewear Set!

Hi Friends! Hope you are all safe in your neck of the woods. In my neck of the woods we just got into autumn, and therefore I can feel winter approaching (the best fashion, but the worst season), the days are slowly getting shorter and there’s are definite chill in the air in the mornings. Even though the seasons are changing, we’ve been having some … Continue reading Shorts and Cami Loungewear Set!

A Little Cow Print Dress – McCalls 7969

Hey friends, today’s blog will be short and sweet. I just felt like I needed to document my little cow print dress as a blog. I’m in love with this dress so much, the fabric and the pattern I feel were destined for each other. The McCalls 7969 pattern is a very popular pattern amongst us home sewists, just search the hashtag #m7969 on Instagram … Continue reading A Little Cow Print Dress – McCalls 7969

Floral Bodysuit Extravagenza!

Welcome to my first October post, my Birthday month and the start of the best sewing season – spring/summer. Today I’m bringing you all the florals, all the knits, all the sleeves and of course all the love from these bodysuits. When Megan Nielsen contacted me saying that they were re-releasing the Rowen pattern in extended sizing and would I be interested in reviewing the … Continue reading Floral Bodysuit Extravagenza!

New Pattern: Opal Pants by Megan Nielsen Patterns.

Hello lovelies ❤️ happy Friday! I’m back again sharing another pattern from Megan Nielsen Patterns. Let me introduce the Opal pants! How cute are these pants? Let me be upfront and say, if you are new to sewing pants, you will definitely love these. Sewing pants always gives me a bit of anxiety so I haven’t made many even though I enjoy wearing pants. I’m … Continue reading New Pattern: Opal Pants by Megan Nielsen Patterns.

Tino’s beginners guide to sewing patterns.

Hello my lovelies ♥️ Today’s blog I’m going to talk about the foundation of sewing – Patterns! You know until I learnt how to sew, I had no clue that sewing required a pattern, I honestly thought once I had a sewing machine I was ready to go! Ha ha ha, I was so naive. YouTube didn’t help much as the most popular video’s were … Continue reading Tino’s beginners guide to sewing patterns.