Meet Tino

IG: sewstartino

Hi Guys, welcome to my blog. My name is Tino and I am a thirty something that loves to sew. By day I’m a product development manager and when the sun sets my sewing super powers come out to play, I’ve learnt that the seam ripper is your friend and cutting patterns is my kryptonite!

Sewing Journey!

I had the desire to learn how to sew since 2014 but I always thought sewing was a hobby for old people or it was a person’s job, I never thought me, fun loving and vivacious Tino could proudly say “I’m a sewist” and actually start sewing as a hobby. Fast forward to 2018 and I bump into work a colleague of mine wearing the most beautiful circle skirt dress that fit her like a glove, of course when I complimented her she proudly said “I made it!” That was it for me, I asked her where and how she learnt and being a true sew sister, she shared all the information. I started sewing in February 2019 and I cannot remember my life without sewing and I cannot believe the friendships I have formed with other sewists. It’s amazing to share this “granny” hobby with other beautiful and vivacious ladies. Sewing is back and it is so inspiring to see other sewist’s makes and learning from the community at large.

Why Start a Blog?

I feel there’s is still so much to learn and I hope that I can continuously grow and inspire you to start creating. I’m so inspired by all the home sewists that blog about their sewing from countries like the US, UK & Australia but not many of us South African’s are sharing in the blog format. I’ve have connected with a lot of Mzansi Sewists on Instagram and we are all looking for more inspiration, patterns, tips, and of course the latest fabric sales and where are the best places to get our endless supplies. I’m here to share all the sewing tea, tips, tutorials and DIY outfits. Also this is about bringing the community together and learning from one another. I do not profess to know everything, I’m all about learning and sharing as I learn too from my personal frustrations and or wins. Some of my makes might not make it on to the blog but you can check out my Instagram page @sewstartino.