Group Sewing Class

Sewing Classes

What to start making beautiful garments but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you don’t even need to know how to use a sewing machine, with our basic sewing class, you will learn how to make your own garments in no time at all.

  • Class Start Dates: 05 March 2022, 02 July 2022 and 01 October 2022
  • The classes are offered in small group classes (aprox 6 students), over 12 Saturdays. The classes will be in 3 hour sessions.
  • Total of 4 Garments : 1 top from pattern, 1 basic bodice, 1 skirt/dress, 1 basic pants
  • Students will receive 1 bonus online class showing you how to work with patterns.
  • Class Price: R4500 (including a sewing kit) to secure your space 50% deposit is required.
  • Students are required to have their own sewing machines, although we do offer sewing machine hire for R100 per 3 hour session.
  • Classes will be held inside the Metro Lifestyle Centre stores, the confirmed locations the Centurion and Northgate stores.
  • Centurion 08:30 – 11:30
  • Northgate 13:00 – 16:00

Course Outline:

Week 1:
Sewing machine – Threading, stitches, functions and troubleshooting. Practice different stitches, sewing straight.

Week 2:
Learn about different size charts, taking measurements correctly. How to read a store bought pattern and cutting out your size. The pattern will be a top and will cover sewing basics.

Week 3:
Cutting the pattern on fabric and sewing the pattern. You will sew darts, facings and sleeves.

Week 4:
Completing Sewing of the top. Start learning the basics of pattern drafting. Draft the basic bodice.

Week 5:
Cutting and sewing the basic bodice pattern: Sew darts, making bias binding, sewing an invisible zip and hemming the top.

Week 6:
Completing sewing Basic Bodice. Drafting the basic sleeve block.

Week 7:
Drafting a basic skirt block and understanding how to manipulate the skirt block. Draft a dress using the bodice and skirt block.

Week 8:
Cut and sew the skirt/dress.

Week 9:
Complete sewing skirt/dress

Week 10:
Drafting basic pants

Week 11:
Cutting and sewing basic pants

Week 12:
Complete sewing of pants and farewell.