Heritage Month – Batswana Culture!

Happy Friday, today we continue to celebrate heritage month and I would like to highlight the Batswana culture. My sister’s father is Tswana, so I have lived quite close with Tswana people and have a good grip of the language, Setswana. Batswana people originate from Botswana and in South Africa they settled in the North West province which was called Bophuthatswana during the Apartheid era. … Continue reading Heritage Month – Batswana Culture!

Heritage Month – The Nguni Print Dress.

Hello Lovelies, welcome back to my blog and welcome to September. I’m looking forward to the start of spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, this winter seemed longer than usual. This September, I am doing a mini series on South African cultures and fabrics in celebration of Heritage Month. 24th of September is Heritage Day and a national public holiday here, the day celebrates the … Continue reading Heritage Month – The Nguni Print Dress.

New Pattern – Olive Dress by Megan Nielsen Patterns.

Hello lovelies ❤️ I’m so happy share this new pattern by Megan Nielsen, the Olive top and dress. This pattern is just my style, relaxed fit and cute little details that make it unique. I loved making this dress but I made some minor changes just so I can wear it now during winter. When I make something, I like to wear it immediately and … Continue reading New Pattern – Olive Dress by Megan Nielsen Patterns.