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Sew Loungewear Challenge – Inspiration!

Written by: Chuma Gqoli Hey sewing friends. I was super excited and nervous when Tino asked me to write a feature for her blog. So sewing inspiration… At first it made perfect sense but then I got into writing and suddenly I was stumped.  I quickly realised that for me that’s a very broad and multifaceted and loaded word that is closely tied to my reason, … Continue reading Sew Loungewear Challenge – Inspiration!

Seamwork Tino and Amari Patterns

Happy New Year my lovelies, I am so excited for 2021, not that I think it will look completely different from 2020 but because I am mentally stronger. Like most, I set myself goals for the new year and I’m embarking on the entrepreneurship journey so I can only feel excited for a lot of new beginnings in my life. I haven’t been consistent on … Continue reading Seamwork Tino and Amari Patterns

How to Sew Athleisure/Activewear – leggings?

Hello My Lovelies! So your girl is on that challenge herself tip and one of the things I said I wanted to do this year, is learn how to sew swimwear and activewear. This is my start, I would call this my wearable muslin and I actually learnt quite a lot sewing these leggings up. Disclaimer Sewing knits is a new and wonderful world that … Continue reading How to Sew Athleisure/Activewear – leggings?