Issa Pyjama Party!

Hello Lovelies ♥️ Today’s blog is a little different and I’m going share a more personal side of myself and sewing. Like a million others in the world, the Corona Virus pandemic has had a huge impact in changing my life. I’ve basically been isolated/quarantined alone for over 100 days. Funny I’m happy to have had sewing because it’s been a healthy and productive distraction, but still I will be the first to admit that I’ve had a rough time too. Like a lot of people this has been an emotional time and I think possibly the hardest time in my life. It’s hard to stay positive all the time and I have many days where I’ve struggled to see the good. With the pandemic, South Africa saw a rise in Gender based violence, as a woman, I felt the impact of how scary and unsafe it is to be a female but also cried for the families that lost their loved ones at the hands of men. There are days that I’ve felt overly sensitive, with emotions running high and only seen darkness.

So yes, yes it’s been hard but overall I’m am doing my best and trying to stay positive and optimistic about the future. I’m try focus on the good and what I’m grateful for as I still have so much in my life. I have God in my life and I know he will never fore sake me, I have the love and support of my family and friends. They check up on me and I do my best to check up on them too. I have warm shelter, food and other luxuries such as WiFi, Netflix and Instagram. When you live in a 3rd world country, where poverty is so jarring, I still have more than millions in my country. I have sewing, that allows to take a break from reality, it gives me a positive outlet and helps me focus on perfecting a certain skill or allows to take my mind off the news because we can possibly cope emotional with so much going one. It’s seems our hobbies have been our saving during this pandemic.

So I’m writing this blog post because I just wanted to share my truth and also because right now I’m in a positive space mentally. More than a 100 days into lockdown my friend Celiwe invited us (Nyiko and I) for a sleep over. The 3 of us all live alone so we’ve been isolated throughout this time and with the country slowly opening up we thought we need this interaction to rejuvenate the soul. Celiwe loves to cook, so she was the host and served us an amazing dinner. Nyiko and I are the sewists so we made these matching pyjamas so we could stay warm through this cold winter. Yes we danced, drank champagne and stayed up till 3am giggling like teenage girls. This was something we all of needed, it felt like being on vacation where we could at least have some normal human interaction to carry us through this difficult period. Nyiko made the Pyjama bottoms and I made the tops.

PJ Details:

All fabric is from Metro Lifestyle Centre

  • Fleece bottom – Simplicity 1563
  • Viscose Lycra top – Seamwork Alice

Thank you for reading and blessings ♥️

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